Business for Culture & the Arts Board of Directors Moves Organization Toward Dissolution by June 30, 2015

While non-profits always face hardship, 2014 was especially difficult for Business for Culture & the Arts (BCA). The challenges that BCA faced triggered a major undertaking to discover the root causes of these issues and develop a strategy moving forward.

Based on this work, the BCA Board of Directors realized that the changing economy and costs associated with operating a membership-based non-profit organization are obstacles that BCA cannot overcome in its current form. Therefore, we are winding down operations and taking steps to ensure our valuable programs can live on through another local arts organization.

BCA would like to thank the community leaders, businesses, arts organizations and individuals that allowed BCA to deliver on its mission for nearly 30 years.

Business for Culture and the Arts Dissolution Documents (Draft)

BCA Articles of Dissolution

BCA Plan of Dissolution

BCA Resolutions

Please contact BCA leadership if you have any questions. You can also view the press release here.

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